KOR Mix 1 – Jason Burns (Plus Interview)
11 May |

Although we kept it relatively quiet, Keep On Repeat celebrated its first birthday last week. The past year has been such a blast and it wouldn’t have been possible without our loyal readers that continue to support and show us love on the daily. If you like what we have done over the past year, you are going to love what’s on the horizon. Keep On Repeat has been completely redesigned with a brand new site layout, logo and mindset. Whether it’s hip-hop, trap music, footwork or house, we have decided to focus strictly on bass music from here on out. We will be posting more frequently and adopting new features in the weeks to come. One of those new features is a brand new monthly mix + interview series, which is debuting with the official launch of KOR V.2 today.

We are proud to present the exclusive KOR Mix 1 featuring Cleveland’s Jason Burns. Jason was nice enough to make us an original hour mix, which you can stream/download below, to accompany the personal interview we conducted with him last week. The interview touches on his musical influences, the tools he uses to discover new music and when we can expect to hear some new music from him.

Again, we want to take this opportunity to let our readers know how much we appreciate you. Keep an eye on the site for the next week or so as we will be randomly dropping a few more gems. Finally, the biggest thanks of all goes out to our contributors Sam, Ben and Andrew, and most importantly our super talented (and patient) designers Jake and Chris. Without you guys it wouldn’t be possible.


1. Arrow-Jacques Greene (Feat Koreless)
2. Zeal-Youandewan
3. Why Don’t You-Synkro
4. Fernweh- George Fitzgerald
5. When You-Drop Dead
6. Come Between-Jim E Stack
7. Always (Laxx Mix)-Submotion Orchestra
8. I Know This (Can’t Be Love)-XXXY
9. Brkln Clln-Joy Orbison
10. Listening – Jason Burns
11. Invisible Colors – 123Mrk
12. Look At Yourself – Synkro
13. Youandme (On My Mind) – Youandewan
14. The Slump – Pariah
15. Bouyant-Distal & Hxdb
16. Neptune -Desto
17. Dense (French Fries Remix) – Magnum
18. Fill My Coffee – Arkist
19. Weird -123Mrk
20. Don’t Try Be – Eliphino
21. Bendin’ – Richelle
22. It’s – Synkro

Download: KOR Mix 1 – Jason Burns

Chris: What’s up Jason? For starters, why don’t you tell us where you are from?

Jason: I’m originally from Akron, Ohio. I’ve also spent many formative years in Portland, Oregon. Currently living in Cleveland, Ohio.

C: You have been making music for a long time, what got you started?

J: I started tinkering around in 2001. I guess it was just a logical progression from DJing really. I mean It’s something I always wanted to do but when I first got into EDM you needed a real hardware recording studio to make music, and i was broke. So once the technology progressed to the point where I could make beats with cracked software on my mom’s PC it was a no-brainer.

C: Describe the electronic music scene in Cleveland, OH

J: Well first I should say that I’m a bit of a home body. I’m a family guy so I’m not really out there in the “scene” unless I’m doing a show. So I’m not an expert is what I’m saying. That said, I think it’s pretty healthy for the most part. There is definitely a lot more going on now with the renewed interest in edm and It’s really quite varied. Of course, it’s the really aggressive brostep stuff that’s seeing the most success out here, which isn’t really my bag.

C: You just opened up for Salva a few weeks ago at B-Side in Cleveland. How was that?

J: It was a pretty big disappointment actually. Not with Salva himself but with the turnout. That’s one of the things I DON’T like about Cleveland is the lack of awareness of what’s outside the “mainstream” EDM. Salva is someone I really look up to as an artist so it was particularly maddening to see him playing to an empty room.

C: Can you describe the process you go through when making a new beat?

J: I usually just sit down and try to come up with a chord progression I like and then I build off of that. Chord progressions really interest me the most because that’s where the emotion comes from and that’s what makes it music really. Also because I’m not classically trained it’s a process of discovery just exploring new chords, and their possibilities.

C: You recently uploaded a Drum N’ Bass mix from 1998 when you were known as Drunken Money. How has your sound changed since then?

J: I would say the changes in my sound reflect the changes that have come about in EDM generally. As a DJ I always play what I feel is the most relevant and vital music at the time. So, obviously I’m not playing D&B anymore. Although, I do like a lot of what’s coming out on labels like Exit and Nonplus, or what I call post-dubstep D&B. So I might get back into 170bpm music at some point.

C: You and Brent Still Life collaborated on a banger called “Ain’t Nobody” last year that had a heavy southern trap influence. Do you see yourself making more of that kind of music down the road or was it just an experiment?

J: Yeah I love trap beats and I’ve made a few more after that. I play a lot of trap influenced stuff by other producers too when I DJ. Desto, Teeth, Doshy, Sinjin Hawke, Clicks & Whistles, Weeze-ie, etc. I just love it.

C: Have you ever considered producing for a rapper/singer?

J: Yeah, I was actually contacted by Atlantic Records to make stuff for their “beat pool” or whatever you could call it. I’ve done a few things for them though I don’t know if they will actually ever be used. I would love to collaborate with an r&b artist I admire. Usher? Kells? if you’re out there, let’s do this!

C: Where do you go to find or listen to new music?

J: Juno, Boomkat, XLR8R, this Blog and various others.

C: You have a show with EPROM and Clicks & Whistles at B-Side coming up on June 6th and it will be your last in Cleveland. Where are you going and what’s next for Jason Burns?

J: Well hopefully it won’t be my last ever, but probably my last for a while as I’m moving to Washington State in a few weeks. I’m really excited about the move and hopefully playing more shows on the west coast.

C: What can we look forward to hearing from you in 2012?

J: I have 2 EP’s coming out in the next couple months. One on Kastle’s new label Symbols and the other on Parisian label Youngunz. Also “Ain’t Nobody” should be out this year along with another track Brent Still Life and I are working on right now.

C: What are you listening to a lot of right now?

J: What’s on this mix basically, and I still listen to The Smiths a lot. In the car I listen to either Shade 45 or NPR.

C: Any Shout outs or thank you’s?

J: Shout out to Terry Gross!

C: Thanks for the mix and taking the time to do an interview with us. Best of luck to you in the future!

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