88 Ultra – Wish For More (Video)
29 June | | Mixtapes

Riding the wave from his solo debut earlier this year, 88 Ultra (Kingston of BSBD) released the first visual for album cut, Wish For More. Premiered by Complex, the Stephan Gray-directed video matches the mood and overall feeling of the track perfectly. Grab a copy of 88 Ultra’s Sirens LP through the link below.

Buy: 88 Ultra – Sirens (Album)

Boogie – The Reach (Album)
29 June | | Mixtapes

Promising Long Beach rapper Boogie made waves with his debut album, Thirst 48, right around a year ago. Last week, he followed it up with his second full length, The Reach, and it does not disappoint. The 12-track outing holds one guest feature from Compton crooner D’anna Stewart, with production from Willie B (TDE), Jahlil Beats, Mike Zombie, Keyel, and more. The Reach was premiered by HotNewHipHop and is available to stream and download in full below.

Download: Boogie – The Reach (Album)

Contour – Still Life (Mixtape)
12 June | | Mixtapes

Originally from Charleston but residing in Houston, rising producer Contour caught my attention after releasing his debut album, Street Chasers, back in April. Turns out he released more music a few weeks ago in the form of a new mixtape, Still Life. Sticking to his free-form style of production influenced by hip-hop, juke, footwork and more, Contour has quickly become one of my favorite new producers. Even though the limited edition blue cassette tapes are sold out, you can still grab a digital copy of Still Life for a $1 through the link below via Collected Recordings.

Buy: Contour – Still Life (Mixtape)

The SEVENth – 1TL2A (Mixtape)
3 June | | Mixtapes

The SEVENth is a talented producer/rapper, as well as co-founder of Grand Rapids based outfit, AGO Music. With one high quality EP already under his belt, The SEVENth is looking to add another notch with his latest release, 1TL2A (1 Thing Leads 2 Another). The eight-track mixtape, which features Maydien, Joose, Sheefy McFly, Waldo, and more, is about finding a way to balance your insecurities/flaws as an artist, while still managing to stroke your ego. Stream/download 1TL2A below and stay tuned for The SEVENth’s forthcoming Sky God EP (Side B).

Download: The SEVENth – 1TL2A (Mixtape)

Nacho Picasso & 88 Ultra – The Witchtape (Mixtape)
15 May | | Mixtapes

Earlier this week, 88 Ultra (Kingston of BSBD) and Nacho Picasso reunited to release a new project. Their 10-track mixtape features five new tracks with Nacho, in addition to the five instrumentals to go with them. With a few solid guest from Avatar Darko, Child Actor, and more, The Witchtape is a hybrid of 88 Ultra’s moody, orchestral instrumentals and Nacho’s explicit, drug-filled raps. Head below to stream The Witchtape in its entirety and hit the link to support these guys.

Buy: Nacho Picasso & 88 Ultra – The Witchtape (Mixtape)

Haleek Maul ft. Kill J – Somebody (Feuer) (Single)
5 May | | Mixtapes

Brooklyn rapper Haleek Maul unveiled another new song, presumably from his forthcoming Prince Midas project. Featuring vocals from Kill J and production by Cubby and Shy Guy, Somebody (Feuer) stays within the realm of Haleek’s signature post-rap sound, but with a bit more melody this time around. If you’ve been following his 2105 output like me, I think we can all agree it’s time for Prince Midas to drop any day now.

Alaya. – Issue 02 (Compilation)
16 April | | Mixtapes

Recently stumbled upon a compilation from relatively unknown collective, Alaya., whose “sole desire is to promote artistry to the public” and “to provide our audience with the best content possible.” With that said, their Issue 02 compilation features a pretty impressive list of contributors, including Blackbird Blackbird, Bear//Face, Mothica, Lil’ Sad, Tommy Jacob, Flamingosis, Ruddyp, Carling Ruse, salute, El. Train, Losco and more. The 21-track compilation, which features all exclusive and unreleased music from the artists listed above, can be streamed/downloaded below for free.

Download: Alaya. – Issue 02 (Compilation)

MondreM.A.N. – SipTape (Mixtape)
7 April | | Mixtapes

MondreM.A.N. continues to purge the Main Attrakionz hard drives of old and unreleased music. He just dropped SipTape, a nine-track collection of loosies featuring production from Marlee B, AHYVE, Issue, Mackned and more. Standard fare for the most part, except Mondre raps over a few older instrumentals like T-Pain’s Bartender and Makonnen’s Tuesday. If you’re like me and want to add it to the collection, grab a free download below.

Download: MondreM.A.N. – SipTape (Mixtape)

Haleek Maul – Kingdom Come (Single)
3 April | | Mixtapes

Brooklyn rapper Haleek Maul returns with more new music produced by New York’s Shy Guy, featuring additional production from D.K.A.D. Not sure if Kingdom Come will appear on Maul’s forthcoming release, but either way this one slaps. Keep an eye out for his Prince Midas project, which is said to be coming out later this month.

BMB SpaceKid – From Russia With Love (Mixtape)
30 March | | Mixtapes

Russian producer BMB SpaceKid self-released his first project way back in 2009. Since then, he’s put out a handful more and collaborated with talented artists like Om’Mas Keith, GoldLink and Dudley Perkins. Fast forward to today and he continues to grow as a producer, which is evident on his most recent release, From Russia With Love. The 12-track mixtape showcases his experimental, forward-thinking sound and includes a mighty fine collaboration with French producer Evil Needle to close things out. Stream From Russia With Love below and hit the link to purchase a copy for only $1.

Buy: BMB SpaceKid – From Russia With Love (Mixtape)

Soulection – Love Is King (Compilation)
18 March | | Mixtapes

In honor of reaching 200,000 followers on Soundcloud, Soulection is giving away Love Is King, a compilation dedicated to one of their favorite artists, Sade. The 12-track release features remixes and Sade-sampled beats from the Soulection roster, including producers like J-Louis, AbJo, starRo, Lakim, seta., Jo_Def, Chris McClenney, PYRMDPLAZA and more. In addition, Soulection has temporarily made their ENTIRE discography available for free download, along with everything in their online store available for 20% off using code: soulection200k. Stream/download the Love Is King compilation below and head over to their website to take advantage while it lasts.

Download: Soulection – Love Is King (Compilation)

DJ Smokey – Choppin’ Out Da Forest (Mixtape)
17 March | | Mixtapes

Canadian super producer DJ Smokey delivered his latest batch of smoked-out, trunk rattling beats last week. New mixtape, Choppin’ Out Da Forest, features nine hard-hitting instrumentals to soundtrack your hood rat lifestyle. Head below to stream and/or purchase Choppin’ Out Da Forest in its entirety.

Buy: DJ Smokey – Choppin’ Out Da Forest (Mixtape)