Main Attrakionz – Lo-Fi Til I Die (Mixtape)
14 April | | Mixtapes

Over the weekend, Squadda B and MondreM.A.N. released a new mixtape “only for the true Main Attrakionz fans” titled Lo-Fi Til I Die. The tape features 22 new tracks and appearances from Green Ova affiliates Deezy Dolla and Dope G, amongst others. The MAz music vault runs deep and the best is yet to come. Stream/purchase Lo-Fi Til I Die through the link below.

Buy: Main Attrakionz – Lo-Fi Til I Die (Mixtape)

DaVinci & Sweet Valley – Ghetto Cuisine (Mixtape)
11 April | | Mixtapes

Rising Bay Area rapper DaVinci and production duo Sweet Valley (Wavves’ Nathan Williams and his brother Kynan) have teamed up for a new mixtape that will leave your head spinning. The 12 track Ghetto Cuisine finds DaVinci rapping over some of the crunchiest, most experimental beats I’ve heard in a while. SV’s top notch production paired with DaVinci’s raspy, hard-nosed tales of the west coast lifestyle make this is an early contender for mixtape of the year. 100s and the Main Attrakionz make the only guest appearances and all is right in the underground rap world. Stream/download Ghetto Cuisine in full below via Fools Gold Records.

Download: DaVinci & Sweet Valley – Ghetto Cuisine (Mixtape)

Bonus: DaVinci & Sweet Valley – I Got That Line (Video)

AGO – Tuebor (Mixtape)
5 April | | Mixtapes

Based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, rapper/producer collective AGO consists of Waldo, Amos Rose, Joose, The SEVENth and Sango. I’m a little late but the crew dropped Tuebor, their first mixtape as a collective about a month ago and it’s got some bangers on it. With the majority of the production handled by The SEVENth and Sango, fellow Soulection producers AbJo and Mr. Carmack make contributions as well, keeping the sound cohesive throughout the 15 tracks. Having already heard his solo stuff, Waldo comes off the strongest on here, but please don’t sleep on the rest of the crew. Stream/download Tuebor in full below.

Download: AGO – Tuebor (Mixtape)

Bonus: AGO – Indian Trails (AbJo Remix)

Activia Benz – Activia Frenz Vol. 1 (Compilation)
19 March | | Mixtapes

Activia Benz is a London based “record label/beer drinking collective” headed up by experimental producer Slugabed, who has put together their very first compilation, Activia Frenz Vol. 1. In addition to a tune from the man himself, Slugabed has rounded up a bunch of new music from friends and label mates, including DZA, Rewrote, Eloq, DJ DJ Booth, 4bidden, Taste Tester, My Panda Shall Fly and more. Head below to stream/download the compilation, which is full of strange bass mutations you’ve most likely never heard before, and read Slugabed’s description of the compilation in a recent interview with THUMP for more insight.

Download: Activia Benz – Activia Frenz Vol. 1 (Compilation)

DJ Smokey – Codeine Demonz (Video)
12 March | | Mixtapes

Behold, an unreleased DJ Smokey music video from the vaults. This one is for Codeine Demonz, a cut from Smokey’s mixtape of the same name from late last summer. You can still grab Codeine Demonz through the link below.


Buy: DJ Smokey – Codeine Demonz (Mixtape)

Main Attrakionz – Look At Me/Teenage Luv (Video)
5 March | | Mixtapes

A new/unreleased Main Attrakionz video? I’ll take it. Don’t know too much about this split single except that the first half, Look At Me, was produced by Eric Dingus. I have also included a new video for the Dope G and Robbi Rob assisted Lets Go Git Dis $$, a cut from Mondre’s lastest mixtape, Check Tha Forcast Vol. ​2 (Cloudd Up).

Bonus: MondreM.A.N. ft. Dope G & Robbi Rob – Lets Go Git Dis $$ (Video)

Nacho Picasso – Alpha Jerk (Video)
3 March | | Mixtapes

Watch the “long lost” video for Alpha Jerk, a cut off Nacho Picasso’s High & Mighty mixtape from last Halloween. The video for the Raised Byy Wolves produced track was filmed, directed and edited by Gator Vision Production. You can still grab Nacho’s High & Mighty mixtape through the link below.

Buy: Nacho Picasso – High & Mighty (Mixtape)

P. Morris – Debut (Mixtape)
25 February | | Mixtapes

Kansas producer and co-founder of Bear Club Music Group, P. Morris (formerly known as Morri$), finally released his long awaited debut mixtape today. Clocking in at just under 30 minutes long, the 12 track Debut feels like it has been years in the making. It’s a cohesive, well thought out body of work that marks a high point not only for P. Morris, but the entire BCMG team as well. Despite previously hearing a few tracks (Affairs, A New Day), the mixtape sounds like a brand new experience as a whole, and a very interesting one at that.

Download: P. Morris – Debut (Mixtape)

Alexander Spit – Lady Killing In America and Other Short Stories (Mixtape)
19 February | | Mixtapes

Alexander Spit, who I’ve decided doesn’t ever sleep, has released another new project. Lady Killing In America and Other Short Stories is a free, ten track mixtape that Spit put out for all of “the lovers and loveless” on Valentines Day. The mixtape, which is presented by The Hundreds, includes features from Bago and Badbadnotgood, and can streamed/downloaded in full below.

Download: Alexander Spit – Lady Killing In America and Other Short Stories (Mixtape)

Squadda B ft. DaVinci – Murderous Weathers (Video)
19 February | | Mixtapes

Watch the official video for Murderous Weathers, the DaVinci assisted standout from Squadda B’s latest mixtape, Back to Playtime. Going to go ahead and say this is my favorite Green Ova related track to come out in a long time. Grab Back to Playtime below if you’ve been sleeping.

Buy: Squadda B – Back to Playtime (Mixtape)

BK Beats – Flowers In February (EP)
18 February | | Mixtapes

Albuquerque producer BK Beats released something special for the fans on Valentines Day. That something was a six track beat EP titled Flowers in February, which features all new instrumentals to give us a better idea of what he has been working on lately. Stream/download the EP in its entirety below and keep an eye out for BK Beats & Black Noise’s Nonbelievers project coming soon on Potholes Music.

Download: BK Beats – Flowers In February (Mixtape)

MondreM.A.N. – Hopp On (Video)
10 February | | Mixtapes

Watch a video for the opening track from MondeM.A.N.’s latest mixtape, The Forcast Vol. 2. Hopp On was produced by B00 Radley, who has another beat on the tape as well. Stream/purchase Check Tha Forcast Vol. 2 below.

Buy: MondreM.A.N. – Check Tha Forcast Vol. 2 (Cloudd Up) (Mixtape)